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Team, Contributors, & Thanks

  • Testimonial

    Ohm Rungkittikhun

    National Team Leader, Thailand Campus Crusade for Christ

    About Ohm Rungkittikhun

    Suwit Rungkittikhun, “Ohm,” is serving & providing leadership as the National Team Leader of Thailand Campus Crusade for Christ.  He has served in many roles throughout his 20+ years as a Christian, from campus minister to also currently serving as lead pastor of his local church.  He and his wife Jin serve God alongside one another, and have a lovely family with two children – Grace and Chalis.

  • Testimonial

    Din Ragumthong

    National Campus Director, Thailand Campus Crusade for Christ

    About Din Ragumthong

    Theerarat Ragumthong, “Din,” became a Christian in college and ever since has been a man who truly loves Jesus and loves people.  He is currently serving as the National Campus Director for Campus Crusade for Christ Thailand, as well as a leader in his church.  His passion is to see the Gospel preached throughout the nation, until the Great Commission be fulfilled in the Land of Smiles.

  • Testimonial

    Matt Scott

    Missionary Volunteer

    About Matt Scott

    Matt and his wife Nathinee are serving with the Thai staff of Campus Crusade for Christ and assisting other Christian organizations.  Matt works alongside Thai leaders in the campus, church, & community ministries.  Nathinee loves leading small groups.  Matt’s passion is discipling young Thai men, and helping to teach the Gospel and Biblically equip the Thai church wherever and however possible.  Matt wants Jesus to be made known by impacting Thai leaders who will impact Thailand for Christ.

  • Testimonial

    Staff of Thai CCC

    All Staff, Thailand Campus Crusade for Christ

    About Staff of Thai CCC

    Too many to be named, the resources that this site now shares with the country would have been impossible without the wonderful campus, church, and HR staff of Thailand CCC.  These are the ones who take these resources & use them day in-day out on campuses and churches in each region of the country, and have helped to fine tune our “Gospel Tools” to help make them what they are today.  We will all continue to work together, following God’s lead in developing resources to be used for the Thai church as a whole – to the glory of God and the salvation of many Thais.

  • Testimonial

    Enoch Sirikul

    Former Chairman, Thailand Campus Crusade for Christ

    About Enoch Sirikul

    Even though Enoch Sirikul was not specifically involved in the building of Gospel Tools Thailand, he had incredible influence in our lives, and the lives of so many, and we would like to honor his legacy here.  His vision and passion for Jesus & The Great Commission’s fulfillment in Thailand was absolutely amazing. For decades he inspired many to join him as he served Christ, and we at Gospel Tools Thailand are included in that number. Thank you, P Nok, for giving everything you had for Christ, and for calling so many to come along with you.

    With love & respect…

    Matt Scott, Gospel Tools Thailand

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